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Dragon Drop

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Dragon Drop Game Services

Not every player wants to run one type of game. Read below to learn about the range of game services we provide. We’re constantly growing and expanding our service options, so if you have something in mind that we don’t yet provide, we’d love to hear about it.


D&D 5e Published Campaings

Are you looking to sign on to a caravan heading to Phandalin? Wanting to match wits with a cunning vampire lord in Castle Ravenloft? Excited to see your first dinosaur race in Port Nyanzaru?

Pick from one of the these packages for your group to explore today.

Custom Campaign Package

Using one of the below game systems, your group can request a campaign and setting of your choosing;

  • D&D 4e/5e


  • Fate Core

Interest in other systems can be considered.

Single Session Stories

These 3-4 hour sessions are curated for little prep time required to play and no long term commitments to further sessions. Systems include;

  • Lasers & Feelings 

  • Fiasco

  • D&D 5e

Interest in other systems can be considered.

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The Game Master


Since my first foray into table top games over 15 years ago, I have seen countless adventurers, dungeons, galaxies, dragons, evil warlords, and destitute peoples in need of saving.  Along the way I have honed my leadership, communication, and organizational skills in ways that uniquely qualifies me for the role of Game Master.  These are the tools that I pair with my love for collective story telling to produce game sessions in which all parties contribute, creating stories and inside jokes that will be cherished long after the final death saving throw of your character.

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