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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide game master services to solo players?

The chemistry of a group will make or break a game.  While I can provide the role of game master, I can't play match maker!  I primary offer services to pre-made groups to alleviate several of the more common issues that can crop up while playing with random pick ups.

But I'm a solo player.

Single session (one shot) games for pick up groups are occasionally held and do not require you to be a part of a pre-made group.  This is a good way to find potential future adventuring partners without having to commit to long term campaigns.  Look for the next game in the EVENTS page.

Where are games hosted?

The majority of the hosted games are done online using Roll20 for the virtual table top and Discord for voice chat.  I am available for in person games, hosted at a venue to be determined, in the North East Florida region an a nominal travel fee.  However, I do travel quite a lot and am open to discussing opportunities outside of that geographical location as well.

What are the benefits of Premium Game Master Services over a free GM?

Game Masters can experience burnout for many reasons, including the shear amount of time and energy they pour into their craft.  Having been on that path, it is easy to "let life happen" and suddenly a GM's priority is shifted to other aspirations.  The prep work for sessions lessens, the energy in the game is dampened, and suddenly you get that message declaring the elephant in the room that the game has to stop.

Premium Game Master Services do not suffer from that fatigue.  It is my job to do the session prep, organize the game, be on time, and make the atmosphere fun and inviting for the players.  If I don't, players will not return.

What is included with your campaign packages?

For those services that are meant to be played as a campaign, the preparation of the campaign and access to all required materials will be provided players, including the rule books.  There is no need for any additional purchases with my services.

Before the first game in a campaign, a form will be sent to each player requesting information on the desired character options the player is thinking of choosing as well as some information about their play style. Once collected, a "Session Zero" is hosted for each player individually for an hour to finalize player choices and gather/build back story . 

Access to the Roll20 campaign and a Discord channel hosted for the purposes of the campaign.

What is a typical session like?

A session will usually last about 4 hours, concluding on a natural stopping point and holding at least two 10 minute breaks for filling water and other necessities.  Without pulling the veil back, I can say this usually allows time for about 3 to 4 meaningful encounters at a pace that is suitable for most players.

Using information gathered from the Session Zero form and from any additional feed back, I will cater the session to the players. Some are tactical and combat focus, others enjoy political intrigue more. 

But my goal is to have a friendly and inviting session that includes all players

Is anything off limits?

Yes. The main things that I will not abide in my campaigns are;

  • Offensive behavior towards the GM or another player.

  • Overly sexualizing a scenario, a player character, or a non-player character.

  • Maliciously playing into a stereotype.

These are rules that purposefully vague in order to be a catch all for the types of players that attempt to circumnavigate exactly worded rules. Players will be given a written warning and explicit example of the infraction. A second offense is not tolerated and you will be removed from the game.

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