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Social Distancing - Together

Games Starting April 1st 2020

In order to support social distancing (also known as "staying home"), I will be offering free introductory table top role playing game sessions to first time players.  So as you run out of streaming shows to watch and you're looking for something new you'd like to try, consider embarking on an role play journey with your close pals and/or other curious adventurers.

Groups of 3-5 players will be guided through one of two beginner adventures (decided by group consensus) as a way to learn a new style of entertainment while socializing from a safe distance. Games will be hosted in the evenings and last usually between 3 to 4 hours with several breaks.

  • Lasers & Feelings - A Sci-Fi Setting Adventure

  • D&D 5e - A Fantasy Setting Adventure

As this is a free service, availability is subject to first come first serve basis and is limited to one free session per player.

Groups and solo players are welcome to sign up and I will attempt to organize the games accordingly. Players of age 18 and older only please.

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